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Boba tea or "bubble" tea refers to a popular Taiwanese dessert that has spread its way across Asia and is continuing to grow in popularity throughout the US. Today, boba essentially refers to any Taiwanese dessert drink that contains tea, milk, and some kind of unique topping. However, its name originates from the tiny "boba pearls" that are the most common topping found in the dessert. These boba pearls are formed by rolling tapioca flour into small balls and dousing them in simple syrup and are adored for the sweet taste and gummy-like texture they add to your drink.


With an understanding of how boba would perfectly fit into the lifestyle of the typical Rocky Mountain adventurer and the identification of a clear gap in the community, we decided it was time to fill the gap and become Missoula's first fully dedicated boba vendor. 

Sweet, flavorful and fun, Boba is a perfect treat to enjoy while hiking the ‘M’, floating the Clark Fork, or hanging out on the Oval. Whatever the activity, Montana moments are best enjoyed with a Pearl boba in hand.


Lily & Tian

Lily and Tian are both Missoula-raised and have been best friends for 10+ years. 


With backgrounds in teaching and tech, owning a bubble tea shop wasn't exactly on their "bingo card". However, as huge boba lovers, it was something they always dreamed of. When the opportunity to take on Pearl came along, they couldn't say no.

When they're not at Pearl, Lily and Tian can be found working out at their local gym, HypeHouse, coaching at Zootown Volleyball, or hiking with their dogs. 

The pair is passionate about continuing to invest and partner with the Missoula community and to use a love of boba tea as a way to bring people together! 

Stay Bubbly!

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