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Boba tea or "bubble" tea refers to a popular Taiwanese dessert that has spread its way across Asia and is continuing to grow in popularity throughout the US. Today, boba essentially refers to any Taiwanese dessert drink that contains tea, milk, and some kind of unique topping. However, its name originates from the tiny "boba pearls" that are the most common topping found in the dessert. These boba pearls are formed by rolling tapioca flour into small balls and dousing them in simple syrup and are adored for the sweet taste and gummy-like texture they add to your drink.


With an understanding of how boba would perfectly fit into the lifestyle of the typical Rocky Mountain adventurer and the identification of a clear gap in the community, we decided it was time to fill the gap and become Missoula's first fully dedicated boba vendor. 

Sweet, flavorful and fun, Boba is a perfect treat to enjoy while hiking the ‘M’, floating the Clark Fork, or hanging out on the Oval. Whatever the activity, Montana moments are best enjoyed with a Pearl boba in hand.


Asia (she/her)

Asia is a Vietnamese-American from Missoula, MT.


Before attending the University of Montana, Asia spent the better half of 2014  teaching English in Hanoi, Vietnam, where her apartment building was located directly across from a boba shop. There, she developed her love for bubble tea.


Asia's favorite place in the world is Missoula, MT, but the one thing it’s always lacked is a boba shop.  Taking matters into her own hands after far too many years of hoping a boba shop would pop up, Asia pitched Pearl to her partner, Dustin, on a camping trip as they both reminisced on their days of traveling when boba shops were as commonplace as convenience stores.


Asia is excited to share her love of bubble tea with Missoula, and hopes the community can indulge in the dessert as she has!

Dustin (he/him)

Dustin spent his 20’s eating his way across Eastern Asia.


Throughout that time, he found that the most meaningful way he was able to develop relationships was to share a meal. His interest in East Asian cultures and foods has only continued to grow since then, and he was thrilled when his partner, Asia, asked him to start Pearl with her and to specialize in hand crafting flavors for the menu.


Dustin works tirelessly to incorporate flavors tasted across East Asia, including ingredients like Taro, Ube, and Matcha in our menu items. Dustin hopes that Missoulians will be able to enjoy boba both as a dessert and as a shared experience with friends. 

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