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We are dedicated to sharing our passion for bubble tea with the Missoula community while keeping sustainability and community impact at the forefront of our operations.  We are dedicated to serving high-quality products and partnering with local vendors give customers a taste of Missoula with every drink. 

Meet Our Vendors

Lake Missoula Tea Company

Kalispell Kreamery

Black Coffee Roasting Company

Hindu Hillbillies Honey

Cool Earth Creamery


Tipus Chai

In addition to sourcing ingredients locally, we support community initiatives. Each month, we select a Missoula-based organization to donate a portion of our proceeds to. We're proud to have donated to organizations such as the LGBTQ+ Center, the Clark Fork Coalition, and The Mansfield Center.

While following sustainable practices as a bubble tea shop is challenging, we do our best to offer sustainable options. We provide discounts for using reusable cups and straws, and sell these items at our shop. We also compost our teas and boba and offer recycling options!

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